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Based in Queens, New York, Alchemyverse was founded in 2020 by Bicheng Liang (b. 1994, China) and Yixuan Shao (b. 1996, China/US). The duo combines their respective backgrounds in visual and sound arts and intersects craft and research, working across disciplines of print, sound, sculpture, and installation. Their field-based practice has taken them to places such as Oahu and Moa Kea, Hawaii, the American Southwest, the Hudson Highlands, and the Chilean deserts, collaborating with the land and resources as well as with local communities and institutions. Alchemyverse has exhibited at the Bishop Museum (HI), School of Visual Arts (NY), Lenfest Center of the Arts (NY), Catherine Fosnot Art Gallery and Center (CT), LeRoy Neiman Gallery (NY), among others. The duo has also presented research at the 2021 IRCAM forum at NYU. A recent alumnus of the Asia Art Archive 5th Leadership Camp  LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council) Arts Center Residency program (2021), they were also a finalist of the 2021 Monira Foundation Artist Residency Program and the 2022 Smack Mellon Artist in Residence Program. Currently, the duo is in residence at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (NY) and the Asia Art Archive in America.

Liang received his MFA in Columbia University School of Arts and Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. As an independent artist, his work has been exhibited at galleries and museums internationally, including Chungbuk National University, S. Korea; Charles Moffett Gallery, New York; CAFA Art Museum, Tsinghua University Art Museum, China; Luohu Art Museum, China; International Print Triennial Society in Krakow, Poland. As an educator, Liang has taught in Columbia University School of Arts, Spring 2022. 

Shao received her MFA in Sound Art from Columbia University and Bachelor's degree in Composition from University of California, San Diego. As a composer and sound artist, her work has been performed in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, North Carolina, Ensenada (Mexico) and Toronto (Canada). She was the visiting artist for the course “Sound/Interactive Media” at School of Art+Design, SUNY Purchase in 2021.


Bicheng Liang (b. 1994, China), lives and works in New York and Beijing. He investigates the human relationship to time, scale, and meaning through processed-based interactions with sites and materials. In Liang’s practice, the printmaking process, masking, transferring, coalescing a repository of information is set in dialogue with photography, sculpture, ceramics, and sound. Exploring structures in nature through mediated perceptions, Laing’s work sets an intimate environment, with physical gestures such as tearing, molding and suspending accumulating into a layered narrative.

Yixuan Shao is an artist based in New York. Shao’s practice is one of listening as much as it is one of making —— listening, not only as a physiological function but also as a subjective internal experience. She engages the sonorous, visual, and organic properties of materials through research and experimentation, and creates sculptural installations to gauge the physical space while inviting the viewers to take parts with their own subjectivities. Her work materializes inner resonances in visual forms. Exploring and contemplating on the contradicted yet connected margins of noise and silence, Shao’s work is in dialogue with how we change and change with the space around us.

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