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Founded in 2020, we are an artist collective that engages in processed-based physical interactions with sites and materials and investigates our relationship to time, scale and meaning. We create experiences to explore mediated perception and layered information: how do we perceive the world as we live through it – nature versus artificiality, truth versus fiction, life versus decay. While combining techniques and technologies both in printmaking and sound-making, our collective continues to expand the collaborative practice into other fields. Our work stands for the confluence of nature and culture as a process of transference and translation emblematic of the interchange between humanity and the natural world.


Bicheng Liang (b. 1994, China), lives and works in New York. He investigates the human relationship to time, scale, and meaning through processed-based interactions with sites and materials. In Liang’s practice, the printmaking process, masking, transferring, coalescing a repository of information is set in dialogue with photography, sculpture, ceramics, and sound. Exploring structures in nature through mediated perceptions, Laing’s work sets an intimate environment, with physical gestures such as tearing, molding and suspending accumulating into a layered narrative.

Yixuan Shao is an artist based in New York. Shao’s practice is one of listening as much as it is one of making —— listening, not only as a physiological function but also as a subjective internal experience. She engages the sonorous, visual, and organic properties of materials through research and experimentation, and creates sculptural installations to gauge the physical space while inviting the viewers to take parts with their own subjectivities. Her work materializes inner resonances in visual forms. Exploring and contemplating on the contradicted yet connected margins of noise and silence, Shao’s work is in dialogue with how we change and change with the space around us.